Sunday, September 26, 2010


Howdy peeps!
Yesterday, I got all dressed up in my opera outfit and Mommy took some pictures of me so, since I said I would show you pictures, here they are:

                                       My Sandals!

                                                The earrings I made for the opera!

I am so thankful we found this top!  It's the most beautiful one I've ever seen!

             Mommy asked me to look over my shoulder at least once so, I did.                        

Mommy curled my hair:)

Oh and by the way, the reason our grass is so brown is because of a drought.  We haven't had rain in weeks!

So, there are those and now onto my piano!

Oooohhh!  Look at all the pretty signs!!  Mommy made: "Simplify", "Country", "God Bless America", and the little "Simple Country Living" stitchery!  She's soooo talented!

Yes, I have a little Football rubber duckie sitting on my piano.  I didn't put him there but, I like him so, he stays.  His name is Javier Hernanduck (after Jaiver "Chicharito" Hernandez who plays for Manchester United....whom I also like to call Chicharito-The Little Burrito, because I'm weird and it rhymes:)).

Anyways, hope you enjoyed the pictures :)  I love my piano that my Aunt Nana gave me, she's totally the BEST Aunt ever!!

Hope you all are having a blessed Sabbath!
God bless and keep you!
Grace be with you!
Alive because of His Blood,
Katie Bekah